Divine Vision For Missionary Aspirations

To promote the maxim of 'Harmony-Brotherhood-Unity' by inspiring noble ideals in the community to raise it from its material existence to one of spiritual experience.

To generate morality in society, especially in the youths - where individuals are free of addictions, abstain themselves from non-vegetarian food, and vices like gambling, stealing and adultery.

To create a harmonious community where individual and communal differences are transcended and people work together with a mutual understanding, acceptance and co-operation towards a common goal; where thousands of families are dedicated to Satsang (the holy fellowship) and devotional service to God, realize the spiritual experience of 'Atmiyata' spiritual harmony (transcending the emotions of stubbornness, ego and envy).

To indoctrinate and uphold Indian culture and values the hearts of the people through spiritual teachings, festivals, exhibitions and spiritual conventions.


There are more than 12,000 initiated male householder devotees who are known as Ambrish. Who have dedicated and committed themselves to doing social and cultural activities under the guidance of our Spiritual Master as the primary purpose in our lives, all whilst overcoming and eradicating worldly desires. Yogi Divine Society organizes monthly conferences for Ambrish devotees to provide them with spiritual guidance. His Divine Holiness Swamishri travels to different regions for these devotees to conduct spiritual assemblies, conferences, personal counseling etc. He personally counsels all those imbued in social problems, guiding them towards practical as well as spiritual solutions.


Female householder devotees, committed to a life of Satsang, are initiated as Sahradyee. There are more than 10,000 Sahradyee ladies who have placed the Satsang in the prime priority of their lives under the guidance of Sadhvi Suhard and Sadhvi Sarweshwar (Nuns from Bhakti Ashram, Haridham, India). The Sadhvi's personally counsel and guide all those imbued in social problems, and give practical as well as spiritual solutions. They guide all the females to rise above their worldly desires and bring spirituality into the realm of everyday living. A spiritual convention catered specifically for Sahradyee's is organised every year wherein along with spiritual discourses, group discussions are organised for exchange of ideas, knowledge and developing spiritual harmony.


His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamishri's life slogan, "Yuvako maru sarvasva chhe – translated...Youths are my everything". Signifies the special place youth have in His heart. He always emphasizes the extraordinary potential present in a youth: "Yuvan dhare tevo thai shake" – A youth has the potential to become what he chooses to become. Youth is a reservoir of dynamic energy and talent that could change the course of history. When this energy is channelled towards positive avenues, the maximum potential of youth, and that of human life, can be fully realized.

The modern youth is burdened with the pressures of a competitive society. Lost in a maze of complex problems, he is constantly struggling for solutions that seem out of reach. Yet, his untapped strength, energy and talents are a potential that could change the course of history, if guided to the right channels.

His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamishri's chief concern has been the social, economic and spiritual upliftment of the youth. With His selfless love, compassionate care, and divine blessings, the lost youth has discovered a new meaning and direction in life. Guruhari Swamishri has instilled confidence, faith and conviction in the youth, gives him the strength to rise above his inherent weaknesses and the will to overcome the obstacles in his path. He says, "Youth are neither careless nor useless. They are actually "cared-less and used-less." They need caring and proper guidance with the unconditional ocean of love. The youth are transformed by the Divine Spiritual Master and is the pride of his family, society and nation.

Through His selfless love, compassionate care and divine blessings, He has given the modern youth a new meaning and direction in life, with a special emphasis on keeping the right company and achieving excellence in all aspects of life. With the youth in mind, His Divine Holiness Swamishri has blessed us with the Haridham Temple in Toronto and is the driving force behind all of the activities that take place at this centre.

He inspires...He guides...He cares...

Yogi Divine Society organizes weekly assemblies, seminars, conferences, camps and various activities. As a result, the youth community has grown such that it lives a life free of addictions, and enriched with their commitment to live as true and noble children of the Saint and God. There are more than 1,000 youths regularly attending these meetings and camps across Canada and are committed to a life of piety, spirituality that represent the social, ethical, and spiritual values that Yogi Divine Society upholds.