Countless events for the surrounding community

Hindu Swaminarayan Mandir (Haridham)
In addition to its primary function as a place of workship, the Hindu Swaminarayan Mandir (Haridham) is very much a pillar in the surrounding community. Over the many years countless events have taken place at Haridham, it is place where memories are created and cherished. The Mandir is referred to as 'home' by many of the devotees that frequent the Mandir.

Prayer Hall (Puja, Prayers, Kirtans, etc.)
The Prayer Hall is truly magnificent, it is grand yet very tranquil. The Haridham is blessed to have the presence of many Hindu Gods and Saints. Many Festivals and events are celebrated throughout the year at the Mandir. The prayer hall is also available for families to perform their own religious ritual and prayers.

Sacred traditional Hindu Weddings are performed at the Mandir in the presence of God. The Mandir offers various services related to weddings please enquire within.

Cultural Programs
The Mandir has held many cultural programs from live theatre to live traditional religious kirtans.
Cultural festivals throughout the year are organized and attended by people of non-Indian backgrounds. There are dual purposes to these type of events firstly to celebrate the culture and secondly to share and educate non-Indian's about the culture and purpose of that particular festival.