Satsang Sabha

Weekly Satsang sabha (Spiritual/Religious assembly) was the brainchild of Guruhari Yogiji Maharaj.

Satsang sabha is a form of re-energizing the soul and further strengthening our connection to Lord Swaminarayan and to Guruhari Hariprasad Swami Maharaj. It provides an opportunity to ground oneself after a week of being engaged in worldly activities, such as academia, career, business etc.

Back in the 1950's Guruhari Yogiji Maharaj stressed the importance of sabha so much that He said, "Even if one earns a profit of Rs. 25,000, one should forgo that and attend weekly Satsang sabha instead. Guruhari Swamishri has continued on the same plane because whenever Guruhari Swamishri meets anyone, one of His first questions is; "Do you attend weekly sabha?" This emphasizes the importance of weekly sabha.

At Haridham Canada we organize eight different Satsang Sabha's for: General, Youth, Yuvati, Ambrish, Sharadyee, Children – boys and girls (separate), Ladies and Sadako. In addition, there are weekly Satsang sabha's organized throughout the reminder of Canada.

These weekly assemblies consist of prayers, singing devotional songs, listening to discourses by Saints or devotees, video and live presentations.